How to Contribute

PegasusHub provides a curated collection of open source Pegasus workflow repositories hosted at GitHub. The main goal of this framework is to showcase community efforts for advancing science. We invite all users from the community to share their workflow repositories through this framework, which may inspire new/other users on their quest to tackle their scientific problems using workflows, and help Pegasus developers to broaden their understanding of the community needs and software usage.

Adding your Own Workflow Repository

In order to add your own Pegasus-enabled workflow repository, you only need to add your organization and repository names into an YAML file hosted as part of the PegasusHub GitHub repository. The preferred way to submit your changes is via creating a pull request with the changes. To this end, these are the recommended steps for adding your own workflow:

  1. Fork the PegasusHub GitHub repository;
  2. Clone your forked repository:
    git clone<your_username>/
  3. Edit the _data/workflows.yml file, and add the information regarding your workflow repository:
    - organization: my-github-organization
       repo_name: my-workflow-repository
  4. Commit the changes, and create a pull request for the PegasusHub GitHub repository.

  5. The Pegasus team will then evaluate your pull request, and merge the changes if the workflow repository and examples are properly documented.

Providing a Rich Set of Information

Although the minimum requirement for publishing your workflow repository is to only have an open source repository with a reasonable documentation, we strongly encourage users to provide additional metadata to their workflow repositories.

The PegasusHub framework seeks for a .pegasushub.yml file in the root folder of the workflow repository. This file is expected to contain metadata that would enrich the repository description on the PegasusHub.

The following table summarizes the list of available metadata keywords:

Key Description
pegasus.version.min Minimum Pegasus version required to run the workflow
pegasus.version.max Maximum Pegasus version required to run the workflow
dependencies List of software dependencies